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JAN 2018

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New Product News The L.S. Starrett Company is offering a new Advanz MC7 carbide band saw blades for high productiv- ity and longer life when cutting hard materials. The Advanz MC7 utilizes a progressive four-tooth grind which creates seven distinct chips. The result is less wear when compared to blades with conventional triple chip tooth formation. The four-tooth grind is effective on nickel alloys, stainless and tough-to-cut tool and heat-treated steels. The Advanz MC7 features exclu- sive Starrett tooth geometry, which has a progressively ground trapezoi- dal tool design and positive rake angle. The blade is made of sub-micron grain carbide. Advanz MC7 blades offer precision cuts for a superb surface finish and provide excellent cost-per-cut for production sawing, Starrett claims. Advanz MC7 band saw blades are designed for solids, tubes and bundles. Blades are offered in multiple sizes in widths from 1 ¼ to 2 5/8 inches, at thicknesses from 0.42 to 0.63 inches. For more information, call 888-674-7443 or visit Automation Alternatives has introduced the RubyLaser FLC Fiber Laser Cutting system combining high-precision, fast cycle times and a new featherlight pallet system for fast load/ unload. Sporting a compact footprint, the RubyLaser FLC series uses a third of the power, as well as less gas than comparable CO2 systems. Additional cost savings are realized from much lower service costs – service intervals are half as frequent and half the cost, the company claims. A number of design considerations were incorporated that enable operators to work both efficiently and comfortably. Cuts are placed using the guide laser and targets. With special clamps acting as hard stops as they hold the work material in place, the usable area on each sheet is maximized. The operator can run an entire sheet without stops. The RubyLaser FLC includes powerful, user- friendly software to simplify machine operation and an automated, feather-touch pallet system. In addition, handheld controls are provided to free the operator from the console. For more information, call 508-446-7063 or visit Advanz MC7 Carbide Blades Designed for Hard Materials RubyLaser FLC System Offers Reduced Footprint, Energy Use Cutting & Sawing Equipment C ustomers are increasing their demands for precision cutting and faster delivery. The technology of laser cutting has filled in the gap for those customers requiring tighter part tolerances and improved delivery times. It also creates the smallest HAZ (heat affected zone) out of all the thermal cutting processes since a laser's heat is concentrated in the smallest area of the work piece. Today's fiber laser machines make machine operation and mainte- nance much simpler. Gone are the days of the delicate task of performing beam alignments within a maze of mirrors on CO2 laser machines. But what really makes you stand out against your competition when quot- ing a job? Perhaps it is your customer service and attention to detail that keeps your customer returning time and again. Your customers see the value that you offer with competitive pricing and short lead-times. However, it is certain that all your competitors believe that they are providing the exact same thing. Every- one believes that they provide the best customer service experience and offer the best in technology. One thing that can separate you from your competition is a Fiber Laser/Plasma Combination machine. Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. offers the power of having two cutting machines inside the space of only one machine footprint on your shop floor. It is no longer a decision if you want to put a production run on the plasma or the laser machine because this machine does both. Experience the flex- ibility to cut those fine interior features of a part that require a laser cut and then quickly sculpt out the part's profile with an accelerated plasma cut. This machine, coupled with a fully automatic storage and retrieval mate- rial handling system, will increase your productivity to as high as 90-plus percent over the rate of traditional methods. There are also compact material handling options such as a single-bed shuttle table or in-line conveyor cutting tables for long plate applications. These options can boost your productivity by 30-40 percent which will enable you to have a clear advantage over your competition. Messer Cutting Systems, Menomonee Falls, Wis., is a manufacturer of cutting systems for industrial customers. For more information, call 262-255-5520 or visit Your Enhanced Competitive Advantage – Fiber Laser/Plasma Combination Cutting 34 ❘ Metal Center News — January 2018

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