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JAN 2018

Metal Center services the metal center and toll processor industry.

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have to go to another service center. We become a one-stop shop," Greg says. Totten's other branches can sell the service as well. A strong transfer system means any- thing processed in Azusa can be shipped to one of the other branches within a few days. In fact, all of the branches maintain a laser sales point of contact. As Totten continues to improve its laser cutting opera- tions, the company will explore acquiring a second machine, either to locate in Phoenix or San Francisco, or even placing a second in Azusa. "We have to build our reputation and people have to want the product we're selling," Paul says. "If we do a good job of that, that business will come." Other changes planned in 2017 include the introduction of a tag-on system for inventory, investment into additional material handling equipment, and additional yard space in Phoenix. Expanding the business through processing improvements is only one avenue the company is exploring. Totten maintains sales representation in the Pacific Northwest, and the loca- tion is a logical choice for a fifth operation. The Tottens hope to complete such a project within the next few years. If a new branch is located, the company will follow the same path it has taken in its previous efforts. "We had different reasons for starting each branch, but we've learned from each location so we're com- fortable with it. We have an idea what resources it takes to start of branches, and what sort of profit margins you're looking at recovering. As we grow, it's just an equation," Greg says. "Our goal is to tighten the ship so that all branches are operating, essentially, with the same procedures as the mother ship, with variations based on regional requirements," Paul says. And, the Tottens are open to a new way of growth – acquisition. The company wants to build some of its product lines, including mechanical tubing and stainless. The chal- lenge is finding customers – hence the openness to acquisi- tion. "It's easier to buy a book of business than to try to take it or develop it," Paul says. n Metal Center News — January 2018 ❘ 29 " We have to build our reputation and people have to want the product we're selling. " Paul Totten, Totten Tubes More Performance. As a technology leader in metal sawing machinery and storage systems, we can create solutions that undoubtedly produce added value to your operation. The KASTOtec series is designed for production cutting with use of bi-metal and carbide saw blades. The fully hydraulic band saws are used to make reproducible, accurate cuts in all material qualities, especially to cut tool steels and difficult to cut materials such as titanium, hastelloy, inconel and similar materials. Saws. Storage. And More. Service Center Profile: Totten Tubes Inc.

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