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JAN 2018

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Several years ago, the organization set its 20 percent by 2020 goal. If achieved, it would almost guarantee more busi- ness for coil coaters and distributors of prepainted metal because roofing is one of prepaint's largest end markets. To this end, MRA is engaged in an on- going promotional campaign to educate consumers on the benefits of metal roof- ing. That campaign includes everything from social media and digital marketing to developing and distributing an array of informational material, much of which is housed on the organization's website, " I think our continued promotion from an educational perspective to homeowners has moved the needle in the industry," says Ramey. "It's creat- ing better acceptance, it's improving the perceptions of metal roofing, and I think that's helping the metal roofing industry as a whole grow within the residential arena. " Within the construction sector, roofing and siding is far and away the largest single applica- tion of prepainted metal. According to Christopher Plummer, managing direc- tor at market research firm Metal Strate- gies Inc., this sector accounts for more than 40 percent of all prepainted metal in the U.S. And whether you're talking about residential or nonresidential, he says the prepaint-intensive sectors with- in the construction market are perform- ing quite well. "The critical submarkets within the residential and nonresidential categories that are the dominant users of prepainted metal for roofing and siding are up this year." As a whole, the residential con- struction market was on track to finish the year strong, up 2.8 percent through September. Nonresidential, on the other hand, appeared to be relatively flat last year, down 0.1 percent through the first nine months of 2017, according to Metal Strategies Inc. But because residential construction is a major driver of other construction, such as commercial and public works, Plummer notes that the health of this sector is particularly im- portant to the prepaint industry. The good news is that the data sug- gest residential construction is trend- ing in the right direction. According to figures released by the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, single family starts rose 5.3 percent in November to a seasonally adjusted rate of 930,000 – Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing end markets for prepainted metal thanks in large part to promotional ef- forts by the Metal Roofing Alli- ance. The organization's goal is to to help metal roofing claim 20 percent of the residential roofing market by 2020. (Photos Courtesy Metal Roofing Alliance) This is a caption Metal Center News — January 2018 ❘ 23 Prepaint Outlook

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