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as times go along. Most of our custom- ers say they're optimistic tax reform is coming, and they think it's going to boost the economy. N Keith Sabel: Trump. N Heneveld: Even though there may not be a plethora of changes, the sense there's more certainty in terms of reg- ulation and tax reform gives people more confidence to spend some money. N Rich Merlo: On the supply side, the reason prices have firmed up is be- cause of the threat of 232 and pending action. We've seen less foreign coming in. Therefore, the mills have been able to remain at higher capacity and keep the price up, as Steve alluded to, which is kind of unusual. The whole year has been relatively smooth, pricing wise. MCN: Was there an initial surge of imports with the 232 threat, and has that subsided? N Tenenholtz: It seems like there was a whole lot of inbound on the docks when 232 was announced. There was still so much coming in. The dif- ference was the new offerings, which are usually three or four months out, started to back off. MCN: Is that going to hold if 232 keeps getting pushed off in the distance, or will we see more come in if nothing comes about in the next three-four months? N Fred Prine: I think there will be more coming in if nothing is done. N Tom Sennett: I think there's a lot coming this way, and it may go north or south of the border depending on what happens by the time it gets here. There's a lot going into Canada today. N Merlo: On the hot-rolled, flat-rolled side, the numbers aren't fantastic, are they? They aren't really cheap num- bers, from what I'm hearing. N Heneveld: Yeah, there's not a big enough differential for anyone to get involved, is there? N Sabel: Not in coil, some beam of- fers were out. I hadn't seen much tub- ing recently. N Sennett: Where we are seeing imports is higher grades. It's less of a price issue, and more of a supply issue. Particularly as you look at aluminum. The rolling mills can't keep up right now, so there's more coming in. N Don Sazama: We're seeing com- petitive pricing on import on heavier plate, say 3½- to 4-inch and up. MCN: What are your expecta- tions for 2018? N Prine: I know people are saying they're optimistic. We were about 5 percent up from last year, but I don't see it yet. I don't know we're going to see the results. I don't think you can tell yet. Except if you're talking gov- ernment, defense work. That's really Metal Center News — January 2018 ❘ 17 From left, Harbor Steel's Steve Heneveld, Boyd Metals' Tom Kennon, Riverfront Steel's Rick Tenenholtz, State Steel Supply's David Bernstein and McNeilus Steel's Paul Blaisdell. NASA Roundtable

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