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MAR 2019

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W ith the shortage of skilled labor, com- panies are looking for ways to increase productivity while reducing personnel re- quirements. When it comes to slitters, a coil packaging system is an essential part of the operation. You can have an efficient high-speed slitter only to have it sit idle while the coils are banded and removed. A well-designed banding line gives you the ability to band, sort and store coils efficiently. However, it is important that the line has the speed and capabilities required to match the out- put of your particular slitter. Red Bud Industries offers a number of unique solutions to meet today's toughest challenges. Removing slit coils from the recoiler can be time consum- ing. Typically, OD bands are applied to the coils while they are on the recoiler. However, the line cannot be restarted again until the coils are removed. One solution is to add a dual-mandrel recoiler. Once the coils have been slit, the unit can be rotated 180 degrees and the line quickly restarted. While the new coils are being slit, OD bands can be applied to the slit coils and they can be removed. Another option is to add hold-downs to the exit coil car and turnstile. This al- lows the slit coils to be removed from the recoiler and placed on the turnstile arms without OD bands. Once on the turnstile, the coil's OD bands can be applied. While this is typically a manual operation, fully automatic OD banders are available that will perform this operation without assistance. An automatic downlayer removes the coils individually from the turnstile. The unit automatically lifts each coil and re- orients it from a vertical to a horizontal position. Once each coil is in the horizontal po- sition, it is automatically conveyed to the next open conveyor. Systems can be configured with either a semi or a fully-automatic ID bander, depending on the throughput and level of au- tomation required. Once the initial ID band is applied, the coil is automatically reposi- tioned so the next ID band can be added. Once bands are applied, the coil is auto- matically indexed to the next conveyor . A coil stacker is used to remove and stack coils af- ter the ID bands have been added. The unit can pick up one or multiple stacked coils before moving them to the Banding, stacking of slit coils can be handled separately, allowing the line to resume operation. Don't Waste Slitting Line's Time on Packaging (continued on page 49) Contributed by the experts at Red Bud Industries Red Bud Industries , Red Bud, Ill., manufacturers processing equipment and material handling systems for coil lines. For more information, visit " Typically, OD bands are applied to the coils while they are on the recoiler. However, the line cannot be restarted again until the coils are removed. " 42 Metal Center News • March 2019

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